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Great Work From Home Parenting obligations and daily life must be balanced, which is a very difficult undertaking.

10+ Great Work-From-Home Jobs 2023

Great Work From Home Parenting obligations and daily life must be balanced, which is a very difficult undertaking. Parenting is a full-time job, and taking care of your children’s needs like feeding, washing, and playtime might leave you with little free time. However, in addition to providing for their children, parents also need to earn a living, keep a job, and work every day. Finding a job that lets you balance being a mom and a professional is also challenging.

Fortunately, modern technology has made working from home more convenient than ever. Therefore, parents now have additional opportunities. More parents can find flexible, work-from-home careers as more jobs go online. Additionally, parents are able to locate professions that allow them to work flexible hours without the requirement for child care.

Check out these 9 choices if you’re looking for a work-from-home position that complements both your interests and your wish to raise your children at home.

1. Customer Service Representative

Average Pay: $17 per hour, or approximately $35,934 per year¹.

Customer Service Representative

What You’ll Do:Typically employed by a business, customer service personnel respond to inquiries from clients via phone or email. Answering inquiries, locating customer data, and presenting issues with fixes are all part of the job. Working either full- or part-time, you can assist clients whenever you have free time.

2. Data Entry Specialist

Average Pay: $35,833 per year².

Data Entry Specialist

What You’ll Do:An expert in data entry deals with data, and you can work with any type of data. Strong keyboarding abilities are often required for this position because you’ll be using a lot of spreadsheets. Wherever data is required, you will carefully input it, making sure it is accurate and reported correctly.

3. Virtual Assistant

Average Pay: $38,478 per year³.

Virtual Assistant

What You’ll Do:Administrative assistants, whether virtual or not, share many similarities. However, you’ll work from home on all of your tasks rather than at a desk in an office. You might respond to emails, administer social media pages, take charge of calendars and scheduling, arrange for trips, or even carry out research on a typical day.

4. Translator

Average Pay: $32 per hour, or approximately $67,343 per year⁴.

What You’ll Do: Films, audio files, or textual texts can all be used by translators. The material will be translated from one language to another. Either you can work for an organisation that requires consistent translation, or you may work as a freelancer and take on projects and assignments as they come along.

5. Social Media Specialist

Average Pay: $41,945 per year⁵.

What You’ll Do: Different social media accounts are managed by social media specialists. You’ll write and plan articles to increase engagement, make sure businesses have robust social media presences, and even manage content or advertisements. You can also contribute to the creation of fresh material for upcoming social media projects.

6. Bookkeeper

Average Pay: $18 per hour, or approximately $38,187 per year⁶.

What You’ll Do: Due to the need for meticulous organisation, keen attention to detail, and financial expertise, bookkeeping can be a specialist talent. A bookkeeper’s duties on a typical day include recording financial transactions for a business, updating statements and paperwork, and reviewing financial data. You could also manage invoices, payments, bills, and other expenses.

7. Computer Troubleshooting Technician

Average Pay: $22 per hour, or approximately $45,738 per year⁷.

What You’ll Do: Work to find IT solutions and respond to queries regarding computer hardware and software. A remote computer troubleshooting professional may diagnose technical problems, lead people through solutions, and even resolve difficulties remotely via web access, just like any company’s internal IT staff.

8. Transcriber

Average Pay: $15 per hour, or approximately $31,110 per year⁸.

What You’ll Do:Transcribers turn audio files into written texts with their quick typing skills and keen ears. After listening to an audio recording, you will type your transcription of the contents into an online document. In this position, accuracy, precision, and attention to detail are essential.

9. Proofreader

Average Pay: $43,126 per year⁹.

What You’ll Do:It is the job of proofreaders to identify and fix faults in various written works. You’ll be on the lookout for both major and minor faults, such as logical gaps, whether or not the writing makes sense, and any grammatical errors. Proofreaders might take on one-off jobs to build their portfolios, and over time, their workload may increase.

10. Recruiting Coordinator

Median Pay: $45,485

A recruiting position can be a good fit for you if you think you might enjoy assisting others in obtaining new employment. Typically, recruiting coordinators help HR staff with reviewing resumes, conducting background checks, assisting with interviews, and onboarding new hires.

11. Online Teacher / Tutor

Median Pay: $43,476

You’ve probably taught your child to read, helped them with their math homework, and given them all of their life skills as a parent. You probably incorporate education into your daily life, so why not use those talents to make money?

12. Graphic Designer

Median Pay: $43,275

Digital and visual designers can find fantastic positions that allow them to work entirely from home and frequently have flexible hours. In a graphic design career, you might make logos or advertisements, contribute to the visual style of a website, or produce flyers, signs, or other educational materials.

13. Social Media Specialist

Median Pay: $41,945

This is a great work-at-home career for parents since many of them are already social media knowledgeable, blogging about their kids’ accomplishments and following their favourite businesses and influencers. In a social media job, you could provide material for a business’s social media pages to support the expansion of its communities and fan base.

How to Find These Work-From-Home Jobs

Do you want to know how to start applying for jobs that you can do from home like these? It’s just as simple as going online. Companies frequently post remote job openings on their own websites and on online job forums. That implies that you can only find these openings online.

You can look for work-from-home, remote part-time, and remote roles. Make sure to browse various job boards. There are some that provide both remote and conventional in-office jobs, like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed. Others, such as FlexJobs, solely list remote job positions. You can look through all of the remote employment opportunities.

It’s challenging to juggle work and raising a family. However, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on your job, your hobbies, or quality time with your children.

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