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How Can I Start Teaching Quran Online

How Can I Start Teaching Quran Online

If you want to Teach Teaching Quran Online or want to teach any subject online, then read this article carefully till the end, God willing, it will be useful.How to find online students, how to promote your academy, how to get maximum benefits, you will get answers to all these questions from this article.If all the points, instructions and things mention in the writing are fully follow, it will definitely be beneficial because all these trending procedures have been mention which are in accordance with the needs of the present time.

For some years now, the trend of online teaching has been growing rapidly in Pakistan and around the world.Especially in Pakistan, the trend of online Quran teaching is very high, hundreds of small and big academies are providing services.If you also want to get online students and set up to flourish, then I share some tips and procedures with you, follow them, God willing, you will definitely get students.It is 100% guaranteed that if you do this in a professional manner, you will get more benefits than you think. More benefit was obtain.

Before that remember one thing

The greatest desire and effort of Muslims around the world, especially in Europe, America, Australia and other countries, is to expose their children to religious education and equip them with the best Islamic education and training.In many countries of the world, due to lack of facilities of Islamic centers, Islamic academies and schools or due to distance from them, they teach their children religious education by staying at home.

The most intense desire of every believing man and woman is that their children should be equipped with the jewel of the best education and training, that is why every parent does not compromise on the education of their children who can afford it in good institutions. They give education to the children and those who cannot afford it, they definitely try to somehow educate the children in good institutions.

Those countries where there is a Muslim Majority

Those countries where there is a Muslim majority but religious educational institutions are not available or are far away, then those people turn to online academies for the religious education of their children or hire a relative or an acquaintance of theirs. That our children should educat online at home.But what usually happens is that in the online field such teachers who neither know how to teach properly nor have receiv formal education themselves, such teachers cause a lot of damage to children’s time and education.

I talked to many parents in Europe and America who said that their children studi for 8, 8, 10, 10 years but they didn’t understand anything.He spent a year in Qa’dah, likewise could not complete the recitation of the Qur’an in five or six years, and also offer the wrong prayer.If basic and fundamental sciences like Qaida, Nazra etc are not taught properly then how will those children progress. That child studies all the future sciences thoroughly and well.

Those countries where there is a Muslim Majority

When the rule is wrong, if it is read, then the value of the child and the money of the parents are lost.How to build a strong building on it when the foundation itself is wrong?
If the basic knowledge itself is wrong and incorrect, how can children continue to read.
The teachers are to blame here.Teachers only aim to earn a fee and in this temptation to engage these children for a long time to get access to the time when we have Facebook ready.

But they forget that it is about honesty and truth. Parents have given to their children. They are responsible and accountable for their time and money. Parents pay good fees so that children get good education. If it is lost, Allah and His servants will be guilty.Therefore, teachers who wish to teach or who are teaching are request to correct their purpose, Qibla and Niyat.

The Muslim people of Europe, America and other countries need us, their children are in dire need of good education and training, they are determin and willing to acquire religious knowledge, so we need to teach them in a good and correct way. We have the right. Pay the right to teach, the fee will be good anyway, the only requirement is that we become the right teachers.
May Allah grant us all the ability to read and understand correctly.

How can you do online teaching?

Now let’s talk about how you can teach online, how you can create an academy, how you can meet students, etc.All that matters is that you work as an agency or brand.
There are five things you need to do to find students.

No. 1. Website

Build your professional website with e-development, SEO, trend following, and stable SEO.
Website is very important and necessary for any business, any work because the example of website is identity and identity and website itself.

No. 2. Social Media Marketing

Follow these elements for Social Media Marketing /SMO/SM/SEM/
And the situation of the five in social media suggests that social media marketing requires five efforts that, if done after planning, are most positive: Study/Planning and Publishing/Reading Engagement/Analytics/Advertising .10 Social Media Platforms With Demographics There are many people who stay away from Facebook, Instagram, but marketing should reach them as well.
Create an account on ten popular social media platforms and try to use the same name and username everywhere.

Active on all these platforms, like many people around the world don’t use Facebook, they are active on other platforms. Teaching Quran Online On these forms you can contact people in different groups and inbox your invitations, post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, create your best designs, share, Can promote and run campaigns.Especially join groups on Facebook from Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and other countries, build relationships with people there, talk to them in a professional manner, talk politely in the inbox.

Number 3.Digital Marketing

Things that are very important to know in digital marketing and if they are properly plann and worked on, you can get more results than you think, including / Email Marketing / Content Marketing / Affiliate Marketing / Video Marketing / Inbound Marketing / Paid Advertising includ.
Big companies all over the world allocate huge budgets for digital marketing and regularly focus on digital marketing.Because if you get a complete grasp of digital marketing and understand this field, it definitely becomes the soul of the business and you get more benefits than you think.

No. 4. Telemarketing

It includes calling, dialing, association, you have a fresh contact list, branding and professional calling marketing for Callinc on all platforms including Skype/WhatsApp/WeChat/Viber/Line. / Snapchat / QQ / Messenger etc.Teaching Quran Online Here is a great and great tip and trick in telemarketing that I am giving you as a gift.Buy a number from any network that is golden and unique in appearance, the same number will be used for your academy.

All your calling platforms on the same number, especially Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Tango, Line etc.Now all you have to do is join different groups, hello page or other contact contact worldwide number you can find.Koja all of them make their broad cut list, create rooms and contact these numbers in a professional way Create your best designs, videos, animations, pdf, company profile contact these people.This method is trendy, you will get a lot of leads from these methods, Mardan, sha Allah.There is a 100% guarantee of results with this medicine.

Number 5. Hiring

Recruiting is one of the best ways to get more benefits and promotion for any job worldwide these days. Youngsters can hire you and do physical marketing in the countries where you want to market and get results. . There are springs.The best platforms for employment where you find professional and qualified people are the top freelancing platforms where you find the best freelancers with whom you can arrange for good leads. Per student, per hour, or per day, they do the physical marketing for you locally and bring you students and candidates.

Five major freelancing websites including LinkedIn target for hiring, including Upwork, Fiver, PeoplePrahar, Freelancer, Guru.Teaching Quran Online Hiring is one thing that can take your business up a notch.
If you have the budget, do the above three things, digital marketing, outsourcing and hiring.

Finally, remember one very important and important thing

In any job, any business, any field, trust, confidence, relationships and referrals mean a lot.
If your service is good, if the client has trust and confidence in you, if the customer is satisfi and happy with you, then he will bring many more customers with him.Referral is the most effective and strong base in online teaching field, hundreds of big academies with thousands of students have got the biggest and most leads from this referral.A setup that start with two or three kids led to a large and powerful academy on Refrain’s tail.

For this, if you already have students, why not read one or two of them in the best way possible, strictly adhering to the agreement and contract with them, and let them. Avoid
Deal with each child in a loving, humane and friendly manner, looking at his or her signs and interests.Scolding, noise, anger and harsh tone make children hate the teacher and children observe the teacher negatively.Understand your child and understand your right and read purely for the pleasure and pleasure of Allah, the world will find more than you think.

This article is  Publish For the public understanding

Teaching Quran Online Competent and sincere colleagues in online teaching come to this field who know how to teach correctly, and understand the need of the Muslim Ummah and pay their right to teach correctly.
God willing, I will help as much as I can. With my effort and hard work, if one person in the world becomes a correct reciter of the Qur’an, then this will be enough for my salvation, God willing.

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