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Most Unique apps For Android Latest

Most Unique apps For Android Latest

Unique apps For Android Hello and welcome to another article in which we will discuss the most original Android apps for productivity-focused users. Now that you believe you’re an expert on Android and are familiar with all the available apps, let’s look at some that we think even die-hard Android users could find interesting.

Bobble keyboard:

Utilize a quality keyboard whether or not you use any apps on your smartphone. This is due to the fact that a good keyboard is crucial when using any software. I’m going to introduce the Bobble keyboard to you today. The Bobble keyboard, in particular, uses a special mechanism to simulate the sensation of a key being pressed by “bouncing” or “bobbling” it. Additionally, each key has a spring-loaded mechanism built into it that causes it to slightly recoil after being depressed. Bobble keyboards are also made to make typing more enjoyable and tactile, especially for those who value how the keys feel while they are being pressed.

Most Unique apps For Android Latest

App Info:

  • APP Name:                                                        Bobble Keyboard

  • Version:                                                    

  • Last Update:                                                      jan 03, 2023

  • Support Android Version:                           Android 23 and above

  • Category                                                             communication

  • Size:                                                                     26 MB

  • Rating:                                                                4.5

  • Get From:                                                         google play


stickers and gifs:

With this keyboard, you can turn your selfies into stickers for nothing. Additionally, you can make stickers and animated gifs of your loved ones and friends and surprise them.

Most Unique apps For Android Latest

interesting emojis:

You may find new emojis to export to this keyboard that are quite intriguing to look at if you are sick of using the outdated emojis on your phone.


Whether you adore animals or the natural world, you may choose from a variety of themes on this keyboard and use them.

fancy fonts:

If you have this keyboard, you can utilise fancy font by just going in and listening for this setting to be discovered.

Daily Dairy:

A software programme called a daily diary journal lock app enables users to make and store a digital diary on their smartphone, tablet, or computer. It also has a locking mechanism to protect the confidentiality and security of the diary’s contents. For instance, some apps lock the diary and maintain its confidentiality using a password or fingerprint. Some apps additionally include additional security safeguards to guard the diary against hacking or data breaches.

Most Unique apps For Android Latest

Numerous diary applications are readily available for various phone platforms, including iOS and Android.Additionally, they frequently include an intuitive layout that enables users to add new entries and arrange them chronologically. Additionally, some apps have unique capabilities like the ability to add pictures or videos or use alternative formatting options for the diary.

In general, this type of app is beneficial for individuals who wish to privately record their thoughts and emotions on their phone or tablet. It is also a wonderful option for those who would rather use their phone or tablet for note-taking than a traditional notepad.

App Info:

  • Version:                                                             1.2.3

  • Last update:                                                     Dec 17, 2022

  • Size:                                                                     23.03 MB

  • support Android version:                           5.0 and up

  • Released on:                                                    Jan 17, 2022


SECURITY: protect your personal diary with password, fingerprint and face-ID

PHOTO ADDING: make it a photo journal, not only a diary with notes.

CALENDAR: save and review the best memories every time you want.

MOOD TRACKER: note your mood and track emotions.

DAILY REMINDERS: make journaling a habit.

EASY TO USE: enjoy the simplicity and beauty of the app.

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XScamera Record Privately:

One of the special Android apps is xscamera. With this discreetly recorded software, you may record anyone’s video even when your phone’s screen is off. The front man won’t even be aware that you are filming him.

How To Use:

  • First go to playstore and download it then open it.
  • Click on start Camera and allow permission.
  • You have to open the application and after that you will see the setting option here you have to set the privacy settings.
  • You will see the schedule option where you can set the date and time.

Official link

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