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Realme 9i Features and Specifications

Realme 9i Features and Specifications

Realme 9i Features smartphone continues the famed realme history of providing the most game-changing features at a price that is less than you’d expect. It is the most recent iteration of the 9th edition of the well-known realme Number Series. It has amazing features including a 33W Dart Charge, a 90Hz refresh frequency, a 5000mAh battery, and many more. So, let’s briefly go over these characteristics to determine why this phone is one of the most well-liked releases this year.


The realme 9i is as strong on the inside as it is attractive on the outside. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 chipset, which enables dramatically improved performance and energy efficiency. A processor with a 6nm manufacturing method uses 62% less energy than a processor with a 12nm manufacturing process, yet it performs 46% better. The Snapdragon 835 delivers 20% greater CPU speed, a 17% increase in GPU performance, and a 10% boost in AI performance as compared to the Snapdragon 662 from the earlier generation of Snapdragon processors.

Realme 9i Features and Specifications

The user experience is substantially improve thanks to this innovation, which enables speedier loading times, less lag, quicker start times, and higher frame rates, whether for light or severe action. Additionally, it has realme’s Dynamic Ram extension technology, which enables customers to access up to 5GB of virtual RAM. This enables you to multitask at your convenience without worrying about your phone’s speed.


Every brilliant invention has the potential to fail if it lacks the necessary support features. The world’s 9i is the support you need for people who are in need. The smartphone’s enormous 5000mAh battery provides enough juice to last for extended periods of heavy use. The realme 9i has a standby time of 995 hours and can play music for up to 116.3 hours continuously when completely charged. You may rest certain that if your battery is starting to drop below the criteria, nothing will happen.

Realme 9i Features and Specifications

When super power-saving mode is set, your phone can operate for up to 49.9 hours on standby even at 5% battery. With the 33W Dart Charge technology, realme promises to provide you the greatest experience possible when charging batteries. The 33W Dart Charge will charge your phone from zero at 100% to completely charge in just 70 minutes thanks to its complex algorithms and cutting-edge technology.


The realme 9i’s design is base on the same idea as the realme 8i’s “Capture the light” design philosophy. This prompted the development of the classic Stereo Prism Design, which displays the dynamic, three-dimensional effect of shadows and light. In the realme 9i, the effect is accessible in both colour versions. But Prism Blue is the more widely use colour. There is a bonus feature includ with the prism Blue version. On its rear design, which has eight layers of optical coating, light travels through layer after layer through reflection.

Realme 9i Features and Specifications

As light passes through the layered structure, this enables the patterns in light to be seen across the back of the panel, creating an amazing display. The magnificent 6.6-inch touchscreen LCD with a 90Hz refresh rate and the greatest brightness of 480nits is found on the front of the realme 9i. The realme 9i is an exciting smartphone to watch because of its innovative design.


The brand-new Realme 9i’s camera functions will then be discusse. The Realme 9i’s back camera features a 50MP AI Triple Camera, a 2MP Macro Lens for taking close-up shots, and a 2MP Black and White Lens for creating gorgeous portrait mode images. Night Mode, Panoramic view Expert mode, Timelapse and Portrait Mode, HDR, Ultra Macro, AI Beauty, and Slow Motion are just a few of the camera settings available on the Realme 9i.

realme 9i

These all offer the best photography features at competitive pricing. You can take bright, crisp selfies with colours that look natural because to its 16MP Selfie Camera, which is no joke.

With all the amazing features that the realme 9i has, it is a must-have for both gamers and tech enthusiasts alike.

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