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what is stock exchange

Hello, everyone. I’m back with another helpful and educational topic. Today, we’ll discuss about the stock market. Because this site is specifically for beginners, I’ll do my best to keep things easy. We shall see the stock market from all angles and how individuals invest and benefit from it. In a number of stock exchanges around the world, stocks are traded and exchanged daily. They are essential to economic growth because of the liquidity they bring. But we rarely pause to consider the crucial function that a stock exchange performs. Without further ado, let’s get started. I’ve highlighted a few of the main things that the stock exchange makes possible.

Shares, Debentures, Mutual Funds, Derivatives, and other securities can be bought and sold in the stock market. In India, the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) are the two primary stock exchanges where shares are mostly bought and sold.

What is share?

What is share?

A share is a unit of ownership that equals one percent of the capital of the company. You become a shareholder of a corporation when you purchase shares. For instance, if a firm issues 100,000 shares in total and you buy 10,000 of those shares, you now own 10% of the company. Anytime you choose, you can sell these shares on the stock market.

How its work?


In order to conduct an IPO (Initial Public Offering), businesses must first list their shares on stock exchanges and then issue the shares through the IPO at a predetermined price. The shares are allocated to the shareholders who placed winning bids when an IPO closes. Investors then purchase and sell these shares on stock exchanges and through brokers as they enter the market.

How stock price set?

price set

The price of a share is established by the company when it issues an initial public offering (IPO), but when the offering is done, the corporation has no further control over the share’s value, which is instead determined by the company’s supply and demand as well as how the company develops over time.

Share prices will rise if the number of shares sold is lower than the number of shares purchased, and they will fall if the number of shares purchased is lower than the number of shares sold.

Companies are required to periodically share all pertinent information with investors following stock market registration, and investors evaluate the companies based on this information. This assessment determines whether the drop in supply and demand for shares will result in a positive or negative change in share price.

How to Buy Share

Buy Share

When you decide to invest in the stock market while keeping these guidelines in mind, the next step is to open a Trading and DEMAT account with a stockbroker.

Demant Account

Demant Account

All of the money we earn, whether from our monthly pay or other sources. Also is sent to the registered bank account when we open a bank account. In a flash, all of the securities, including shares, bonds, government securities, mutual funds, etc., are saved in your demat account in electronic form.

So, hopefully, you now understand what the stock market is and how it operates. In the following article, we’ll cover some additional crucial stock exchange topics. Additionally, you can download the Pakistani Stock Exchange App from the link provided below.

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